Roasted Pumpkin Crostini Recipe

Halloween has past but its still Pumpkin season. Pumpkins have more value and uses than just being a happy, or scary, face for trick-or-treaters. The flesh of this member of the squash family  can be boiled, baked, steamed, pureed, mashed or cubed and roasted. And they are a healthy vegetable as well.  So look for a small pumpkin in your grocery store labeled "cooking", and give some different pumpkin recipes a try.

This Roasted Pumpkin Crostini Recipe makes a great little appetizer before a holiday meal.  I served it to the "football fans" in my house while they were watching the games this weekend and it was a hit.

The pumpkin and goat cheese are both healthy and vegetarian. I will list the nutritional benefits at the end of this post.