Basil Pesto Veggie Wrap Recipe - My Favorite Lunch

This Pesto Veggie Wrap is a great refreshing, light recipe for lunch or even dinner, especially appealing for a hot day. Healthy, and low in calories you could even eat two of these for dinner and would not be going overboard on calorie intake, as long as you've been practical about your other meals that day.  I love this wrap, but knew I had really created a winner when I served it to a bachelor friend of mine who is normally a meat lover.

Successful Deer Repellent Solution

I think I've found a winning combination of tactics to keeping the deer from eating my plants and flowers!

In a previous post I was venting that the deer had made a meal out of my hostas, newly planted impatiens, and daylilies, and had asked if anyone had some suggestions for solutions. A well-meaning (?) Facebook friend suggested a gun. Not a reasonable solution. I went on search for a better alternative as I had just ordered 50 day lily plants from Smokey's DayLily Gardens, and was not looking forward to losing my investment.

Kiwi, Banana, Honey Mango Smoothie Recipe

Here's a great fruit smoothie recipe that requires no extra sweetener, and is therefore low-calorie in addition to it being healthy and delicious!
The beginning of June and it's already July-hot and August-humid out. After a 20 minute bike ride today and then going straight into the Ab Ripper X workout DVD from P90X, I was hot and sweaty (or perhaps "perspiring" is the proper ladylike term).  After drinking a big glass of water, I still wanted something else to reward myself, so I decided to whip up a smoothie, and relax for a few minutes.