About Me

Hi all!
I am passionate to an extreme about healthy eating and fitness, and as I get older, I am more concerned with anti-aging as well.  I want to share with others what I've learned over the years, in terms of the health benefits of various types of foods (and which ones are unhealthy), fitness ideas for better health.  Weight loss and weight management obviously are desired results in the overall picture.  I am very interested in natural products for skin care to supplement the positive effects of healthy food for achieveing healthier skin.

A little more about my background: I graduated from Cornell with a degree in Business Management and Marketing. I've worked in a variety of fields since. I first started working for Federated Department Stores in Florida and was a women's shoe department manager. I left there and started working for Merrill Lynch in NYCity, and got a pretty good background in financial management. I then moved to Hilton Head, SC (had to get out of the cold and snow) and got involved in Food and Beverage - specifically the restaurant business. I owned a restaurant for a short time (not recommended if you wish to stay sane). I also worked part-time for a few years for a printing and sign shop where I got some graphic design background.
While doing all these things, I bought my own homes and/or investment properties to remodel. I loved making neglected houses look young again especially if they had good architectural bones and historical charm. But now that my own house is restored - and the real estate market is not in a happy state, I've decided to expand may computer knowledge, while writing and learning more about many other things I enjoy. I'm hoping that eventually that will allow me to work less (and maybe eventually not at all) in the restaurant business.

As I lost my mother to cancer at a young age, I am very conscious of taking care of my health and so am very into fitness and maintaining a healthy diet, and am constantly researching what foods are the most beneficial. I enjoy finding and experimenting with new, healthy recipes, and am committed to having a good fitness regime as well. I strongly believe that healthy eating combined with exercise and strength training are of utmost importance for good health, and literally anti-aging.
I have 2 cats, who are essentially my children. They keep me entertained with their antics and shower me with unconditional love.

I love gardening and landscaping - and bike riding. They are stress reducing activities for me.
I am active in Squidoo and have several lens there: health-related, home-related, and other varied topics that I come across that interest me, and challenge me to explore further. For example, one is Lugol's Iodine Solution for Hypothyroidism. Another is Health Benefits of Garlic. also, Strawberry Smoothie Recipes.
And at another end of the spectrum, but actually one of my personal favorite lenses is Architecture of Craftsman Bungalow Homes.

I must reiterate that  I am not a dietitian or health care professional. My posts reflect my own personal experience and research. Please always consult a doctor before making any changes to your diet and exercise routine.

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