Successful Deer Repellent Solution

I think I've found a winning combination of tactics to keeping the deer from eating my plants and flowers!

In a previous post I was venting that the deer had made a meal out of my hostas, newly planted impatiens, and daylilies, and had asked if anyone had some suggestions for solutions. A well-meaning (?) Facebook friend suggested a gun. Not a reasonable solution. I went on search for a better alternative as I had just ordered 50 day lily plants from Smokey's DayLily Gardens, and was not looking forward to losing my investment.

My packing-heat friend then came back with a more reasonable suggestion to try Cayenne Pepper. It made sense that after a couple of sniffs resulting in burning nostrils might be a good deterrent. And Cayenne Pepper is something organic and all natural, so I wouldn't be spreading any harmful chemicals.

Then a helpful clerk at my local Home Depot suggested Milorganite, MILwaukee ORGAnic NITrogEn.  It is a slow-release, non-burning organic, all-purpose fertilizer. It is Eco-friendly, rich in non-staining iron, and can even be applied in the heat of summer, and does not need water to activate.  So besides it being an excellent all-around fertilizer that has been used on golf courses for decades. it just happens to also be disliked by deer.  So I see this as a great product for my gardening and landscape in general. Check out their website for more information.

Sweeney's Deer Repellent has been working for me!
Finally, my neighbor suggested Sweeney's Deer Repellent.  She was using the "bait stations" and hadn't had any nighttime raids. (No wonder the deer were coming into my yard to nibble chomp.)
I decided to try them as well. There are six cylindrical units per package and you mount them on a metal wire stake about the thickness of a metal coat hanger. Use the full length of the wire, as the manufacturers directions advise you to put the repellent canister at plant height, and move it up as the plant grows taller. The canisters are weatherproof and are said to last 6-8 months.

I cannot swear that any of these products solely are a successful solution. But being somewhat obsessive-compulsive, I am now using all three simultaneously!
I sprinkle the Cayenne Pepper in the morning after the automatic sprinklers come on . I'm applying the Milorganite once every couple of weeks.

The 50 daylily bareroot plants that I put in the ground are all doing fine and haven't been touched by any four-legged friends. My Impatiens plants are starting to grow and get blooms. Here you will see the Deer repellent canister amongst the finally-blooming Impatiens.

You may be wondering how this fits in health blog. Well, for me, I now have less stress and aggravation. Gardening is a soothing activity to me, and enjoying the flowers is relaxing and rewarding. If this 3-part solution to avoiding stress continues to work, I will have the added satisfaction of winning.  

Deer Repellent among the Impatiens and Ferns

The Daylilies that I planted last season have been safe from deer attack.
 "Pretty Pastel" Day Lily

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